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Who We Are

As a partnership river that runs through ten communities and both public and private land, we rely heavily on the input and cooperation of members of each of these communities. Below are the names and contact information for all of our River Stewardship Council members. Select a committee member's name to send them an email.

Name Contact Affiliation
Joe Callahan (T) 508.880.6653 Berkley
Alex Houtzager (T) 508.822.4142 Berkley
Katherine Doherthy (T) 508.679.2358 Bridgewater
Harry E. Bailey, Jr. (T) 508.697.3078 Bridgewater
Ellen Bidlack   Dighton
Robert Woods   Dighton
Carl Broduer   Freetown
Open seat   Freetown
Patricia Casey (T) 508.676.8004 Fall River
Elizabeth Dennehy (T) 508.324.2340 Fall River
Tim Watts   Halifax
Tricia Cassady (T) 508.946.2406 Middleboro
Lou Bousquet   Raynham
James Ross (T) 508.822.1575 Raynham
Richard Ashcroft   Somerset
Maryan Nowak (T) 508.824.7740 Taunton
Roger Derosiers (Gray Fox) (T) 508.646.9096 Dighton Intertribal Indian Council
Donna Desrosiers (Spirit Fox) (T) 508.646.9096 Dighton Intertribal Indian Council
Scott MacFaden (T) 781.934.9018 Wildlands Trust of Southeastern MA
Greg Lucini (T) 508.823.9650 Wildlands Trust of Southeastern MA
Rachel Calabro (T) 401.272.3540 x 107 Save the Bay
Alison Bowden (T) 617.532.8360 The Nature Conservancy
Priscilla Chapman (T) 508.828.1104 Taunton River Watershed Alliance
Carolyn LaMarre (T)508.828.1101 Taunton River Watershed Alliance
Bob Fredericks   Natural Resources Trust of Bridgewater
Open Seat   Fall River Waterfront Business*
Tim Purinton (T) 617.626.1542 Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Doug Cameron (T) 617.727.1843 Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Bill Napolitano (T) 508.824.1367 x 315 SRPEDD
Nancy Durfee (T) 508.824.1367 x 313 SRPEDD
Jamie Fosburgh (T) 617.223.5191 National Park Service

*Voted membership by council, July 2007. All other committee member organizations are core members by legislation