"An Undiscovered GEM"

The Taunton River in Southeastern Massachusetts is a hidden treasure, an undiscovered gem. This little known river is both rich in history and environmental resources.

The River also provides a multitude of recreational activities from camping and canoeing to snowshoeing and birdwatching.

Situated just 30 miles south of Boston, the Taunton River is within easy reach of the majority of the state's population including the cities of Taunton, Fall River and New Bedford.

General Information about the Taunton River

"The Taunton River has exceeded my expectations. The tranquil flow of the river has rubbed off on me, and it seems like I've been far away from the rest of the world."

Michael Tougias,
Author of
A Taunton River Journey

History and Archaeology of the Taunton River

Ecology of the Taunton River

Recreation on the Taunton River