Jim Ross, the Executive Director
of Community Partnerships in Taunton,

hopes to have a 22-mile section of the
Taunton River designated
and protected by
the federal govenmen


Jim Ross, the Executive Director of Community Partnerships in Taunton and the Chairperson of the Wild and Scenic Committee as well as a TRWA member, Raynham ConCom & RAFT will receive the "Save The Bay 'Alison Walsh Environmental Advocacy Award' at their Annual Meeting, Sunday, March 6th from 11 to 2 in Newport, RI.

This is also a great recognition of the Taunton River's importance to the
Mt. Hope/Narragansettt Bay estuary system especially for the symbolic importance of one of New England's largest enviro groups going out of RI and into the Taunton River/SE Mass area for this recognition.

Jim Ross has worked very hard over the past years as an advocate for River Issues, and in particular, The Taunton River. If you see Jim in a canoe on the River - tell him Congratulations! A deserving award it is.

Congratulations Jim.

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No, this not a picture of Tim Watts,
this a picture of
an American Eel. Tim and his brother Doug are looking to save the American Eel in the Rivers of New England (link to article below).
We are still trying to locate
a photo of the elusive Tim.
(Send us one if you have one!)

Photo by Doug Watts (Tim's brother)


On occasion, we have the privilege to work with a truly exceptional individual, a local hero, who leads, inspires and raises the level of awareness and commitment of those around him. Tim Watts is such an individual.

The River Network chose Tim Watts as one of its five River Heroes. Many, many thanks to you for sending in such wonderful support letters. With such glowing letters how could the selection committee have chosen other wise. Tim will be heading off to the River Rally in Colorado to accept the award, (Tim is so excited about the opportunity to see some western rivers).

Bill Napolitano, SRPEDD's Director of Environmental Programs and project coordinator for the Taunton River Wild and Scenic River Study, has been working on river related issues for almost twenty years, and considers working with Tim on the Taunton River Wild & Scenic River Study a “career highlight”.

Tim has become a quiet leader and respected local expert through his passion for rivers and a tenacity for facts that is tempered with wit and scholarly acumen. Tim’s efforts on behalf of our local rivers and streams has earned him the respect of federal and state environmental agencies, who often seek his opinion on river and stream related issues.

Tim is greatly admired by his fellow Wild & Scenic River Study Committee members (several of whom were quick to share news clippings and voice support for Tim’s new work on behalf of the American eel, at one of our recent meetings).

Tim Watts is a true river hero. We think that he should be one of yours, too.

Congratulations Tim - This is a very deserving award.

Associated Press Article that was picked up the NY Times that featured Tim on saving the American Eel

Also, please visit Tim's Web Site, The Taunton River Journal. You will love it.
Taunton River Journal Website