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This power point presentation was created by Jennifer Freitas, a student at Bridgewater State College, in Bridgewater, MA.

Thanks Jen for your contribution to our understanding of the Taunton River.



In the fall of 1995, students from the Biomonitoring/Water Pollution class at Bridgewater State College conducted a study on the Nemasket River, an important Tributary of the Taunton River. The students research included techniques in Electrofishing, Kick-Net Macroinvertebrate Sampling and DNA analysis on American Eel and Crayfish in order to obtain reliable data on the Nemasket. Other ways of obtaining data were by monitoring, PH, Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), turbidity of the water and specific conductivity.

The following are pictures of work conducted in the field:

Thanks to this class for the great pictures and their contribution to the Taunton River.

Student catching an American
Eel after Electroshocking.
Student conducting Kick-Net
Macroinvertebrate Sampling.
Electrofishing on the
Downstream view of the
Nemasket River.
Sunfish Sampling on
the Nemasket
Students Kick-Net
Macroinvertebrate Sampling