Following is a list of Archived news articles regarding the Wild and Scenic Rivers Study on the Taunton River as well as other articles of interest on the Taunton River. If you have any articles of interest, please email the site administrator and we will gladly post the article:

Bill Napolitano at SRPEDD

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Plans proceed to remove Taunton dams
Taunton Gazette/March 2012

Taunton River Trail Website

Volunteers Document in Salt Marsh Grass along Taunton River
Herald News/July 2010

Wild & Scenic Press Release
Watershed Campaign/March 25, 2009

Passage of Bill to Protect Taunton River Under the National Park Services Wild & Scenic Program
March 25, 2009

Taunton River Receives National Designation
Taunton Daily Gazette/March 30, 2009

Rivers Wild & Scenic Status Official
Fall River Herald News/March 30, 2009

Taunton River Gets Long Fought For Protection
WBZ TV Channel 4/April 1, 2009

Growth Impacting the Taunton River
Taunton Gazette/ March 28, 2005

Battle of the Berkley Dighton Bridge
Taunton Gazette/ April 7, 2005
Floods in the City of Taunton
Taunton Gazette/ April 1, 2005
Wayward Seal Up the River
Taunton Gazette/ March 30, 2005
Invasion of Leaking Sewer Lines in River
Taunton Gazette/ March 24, 2005
Chemical Spill Near Three Mile
Taunton Gazette/ March 8, 2005
Sewer Pact Dispute &Wasterwater Plant
Taunton Gazette/ March 3, 2005
A River Runs Through His Life
Taunton Daily Gazette/Oct 2, 2001
Wild and Scenic could be a Moakley legend
Taunton Daily Gazette/Oct 9, 2001
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Students experience life on the Taunton River
Taunton Daily Gazette/Oct 2001
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Grant will improve access to river
Enterprise/Dec 6, 2001
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SRPEDD Newsletter
March 2001
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Taunton River Study Kicked Off
Taunton Daily Gazette/ March 17, 2001
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Wild. Beautiful. Unexpected. The Taunton River.

U.S. Rep Barney Frank, left, and Rep James McGovern were presented with a framed photo montage for their support of the Wild and Scenic River feasibility study yesterday. The montage shows the river's beauty.

United States Senator John Kerry/ Wild and Scenic Kickoff
March 16, 2001
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Public Law 106-318 106th Congress
Taunton River Wild and Scenic River Study Act of 2000

Oct 19, 2000
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Wild and Scenic River Studies in New Hampshire and New England
New Hampshire Wildlife Magazine , 1995
Jamie Fosburgh
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A Preservation Act
Bill Taylor Local Historian at Middleboro Town Hall
Enterprise/ Mary Julius Feb 2002
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Bill Taylor/ Local Historian studies some of his extensive collection of arrow heads from the "Titicut Reservation" area of Middleboro.