G.I.S. stands for Geographic Information System. Maps that are produced using a G.I.S. system are used to analyze anything from Land Use Data to Natural Resources. A G.I.S. system helps to analyze spatial patterns that can be seen when certain types of information are viewed together on a map. A picture is worth a thousand words, especially with G.I.S. maps. Please comment on the proposed maps to be produced through the study. Also please take a moment to see the maps currently produced. Thank you.

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The following Maps have been updated July 2005. All maps are
in 8-1/2 X 11" .pdf format (apx 300 to 400 kb for download size)

Taunton River Full Study Area Map

Taunton River Agricultural Map

Taunton River Fisheries MapA

Taunton River Fisheries MapB

Taunton River Heritage Lands Map

Taunton River History and Archaelogy Map

Taunton River Estuary Map

Taunton River Ecology & Bio Diversity MapA

Taunton River Ecology & Bio Diversity MapB



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