"When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe"
John Muir

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Taunton Heritage River Program

On September 4, 2001, Environmental Affairs Secretary Bob Durand and Senator Marc Pacheco announced the creation of a new initiative, the Heritage River Program, aimed at celebrating and building upon the rich heritage surrounding the rivers of the Commonwealth.

The program complements and supports ongoing efforts to protect the ecological health of river systems by concentrating on historical, recreational and cultural assets of the Rivers of the Commonwealth. Begun as a partnership with the Executive Office of Environmental Affairs, the Department of Environmental Management and the Department of Fisheries, Wildlife and Environmental Law Enforcement, the program is spearheaded by the Riverways Programs.

To learn more about the program, visit the Taunton Heritage River Program page.


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Community enthusiasm for the Taunton River, our "undiscovered gem," is evident through the outreach by dedicated organizations comprised of concerned citizens.

The Taunton River Watershed Alliance

TRWA is a non-profit alliance of concerned individuals, business and organizations who are dedicated to protecting and restoring the Taunton River watershed, its tributaries, wetlands, floodplains, river corridors and wildlife. For eleven years, TRWA has been a voice for the river, an advocate for environmental protection, sustainable development and responsible stewardship of our precious water resources. With a part-time staff and a corps of dedicated volunteers, TRWA helps protect our watershed through education and awareness programs, public policy advocacy, campaigns, water quality monitoring and citizen action.

Taunton River Watershed Alliance, Inc.
P.O. Box 1116, Taunton, MA 02780
Phone: 508-828-1101

The Natural Resources Trust of Bridgewater

The NRTB works with the town of Bridgewater and its surrounding communities to acquire and preserve the natural resources and wildlife. The organization strives to maintain the rural character and charm of the towns, protect the river corridor and wetland areas, preserve open space and wildlife habitat, and provide for recreational areas. The Trust will operate in harmony with each town's Open Space and Recreation Plan.

Natural Resource Trust of Bridgewater
Katherine Doherty
P.O. Box 15
Bridgewater, MA 02324

(T) 508-697-7317


The Wildlands Trust

The Wildlands Trust is a private nonprofit land trust that actively seeks to permanently protect land with significant natural and scenic resource value using techniques such as land donations, conservation restrictions (also known as conservation easements), trade lands, and other conservation methods. The Trust has geared up and developed professional tools and partnerships to save land, assist landowners, and protect the character of our towns. The Trust now owns or holds conservation restrictions on more than 100 properties, protecting over 3,000 acres of land in 21 communities.

The Wildlands Trust
Scott MacFaden
P.O. Box 2282
Duxbury, MA 02331

(T) 781-934-9018
(F) 781-934-8110