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Why community support is so important.

In the past, most rivers added to the System have been on public lands, and the process of designation has been top-down. Over the past ten years though, the National Park Service and members of Congress have supported a more community-based approach.

Since there are few properties on the Upper Taunton River protected by state, local or federal governments, a grassroots community effort is the only means of obtaining a wild and scenic designation.

The National Park Service summarizes the results of the Wild & Scenic study in a report that serves as the basis for a designation recommendation. If the river is found eligible and suitable and if there is sufficient support for designation among riverfront communities, the study team joins with local members of Congress to draft legislation that would ultimately place the river in the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System.

Take a moment to look at the public outreach section of the web site to learn more how you can help the Upper Taunton River achieve a Wild & Scenic Rivers designation.